Thursday, March 9, 2017

Building Eylau Battlefield Part 4

I had a day off, and Alan, Bob and Lou all came out. We got a lot done. It feels we have really turned a corner on the build. Lets get right to the pics.

 Lou is the primary figure painter. He paints to a good standard, but incredible fast. Also his eye site is way better than mine. Here are the Prussians he did.

 10mm from Old Glory

 We needed some more Russians as well.

Russians bring a lot of guns to the party.

Bob is not going to make Cold Wars, but he came out and pitched in with the basing.

Laying hedgerows.

We came up with a new method for our hedgerows. In the past we glued individual chunks of foliage a piece at a time. Easily the longest part of the build.

I had an inspirational thought. We get a fuzzy brown yarn, spray it with adhesive and dip it in flock.

Is it perfect? No. It is however a good balance between aesthetics and efficiency.  

 One board section down, two to go. We started adding in trees too.

 Grinding through a lot of roads and fields.

 Just a bead of Elmer's glue and a strip of hedgerow gets the job done.

All 3 board sections done with the trees and hedges. 

We still have to make bridges, paint the buildings, dress up the villages, pour the streams, and last but not least put snow on EVERYTHING.

Still grinding away, 


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  1. I am truly impressed! A most impressive job for a famous, bloody and most impressive battle!