Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eylau is done

About 6pm we started putting on the snow flock. We had 4 shaker bottles of snow. It wasn't enough. We realized this about 7pm, just as the 2 closest hobby stores were closing. I called Maplewood Hobbies cause I knew they stayed open late for gaming. They had one bottle. My wife volunteered to drive the 55 minutes to get it. She is awesome. Big thanks to Maplewood for getting us out of a tight spot.

Not alot of pics. It's 2:21 and I am just taking a break from painting my Frostgrave table. We might tweak the table a little in the morning, but it is ready to go.

Night all.


  1. Xin: AMAZING!!! It really looks great! Congrats to you and your devoted cohorts, and an extra measure of congrats to your wonderful wife for service above & beyond the call of matrimony!

    The snowy expanse looks so good you may finally inspire me to actually build some Winter terrain for my Winter 1840-41 fighting retreat from the British Cantonments to the Bala Hissar fortress "What If?" scenario.

    I wish you and your team and your everyone who plays in your great looking game much success and enjoyment at Cold Wars -- where your table could certainly a most appropriate mascot!

  2. That looks incredible!!!! Amazing work

  3. Looks truly impressive Xin. I especially like the blend of mud and the sparse trees. Ultra impressive.