Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Abbot's Gold, A Saga Battle Report

Ragnar and his boys were here for the Abbot's gold.

My friend and I had our 2nd game of Saga. It was a 4 point game, Saxon vs Vikings. That's all we have painted at the moment, but more on the way. We just quickly tossed out some terrain, then came up with a scenario based on the terrain. Vikings need to plunder the Abbey and get the gold off the table. Saxon's need to protect the church or stop the Vikings from getting away with the gold.

 The Saxon Warlord Wulfric and his Warband emerge from the woodline.

 The Ragnar's ragged warband march up the road intent on plundering the Abbey

The Big Picture

The Saxon's Advance led by their Warlord.

 The Vikings Advance. A Hearthguard unit sprints out in front.

Both sides closing around the Abbey.

Viking point of view looking at the Saxon Shieldwall. The Berserkers in the foreground are not impressed.

My Saxon Warlord takes one unit of Warriors around the back of the church leaving 2 units of Warriors to hold the Shieldwall.

My Warlord, supported by his own Warriors charges into the Viking Warriors!

Using Bretwalda and one of the extra attack dice abilities, I see off the Vikings. They used Valhalla(I think) for the extra dice, but my increased Armor and rerolls of failed saves just gave me free kills. Even if I had taken a hit, my Warriors were there to "Look out M'Lord!"

Viking point of view. Berserkers charge into my Warriors trying to guard the front door of the Abbey

I had a hot hand and wiped out the Berserkers. Sadly I lost 6 of my lads in the process.

Meanwhile off camera. The Viking Warlord and a unit of Hearthguard bust their way into the church(Activation) and spend a turn looting(Activation). My Warlord and other unit of Warriors is circling around the back of the church to cut off the Viking Escape.

 The Viking Hearthguard counter attack the Saxon Warriors by the Abbey door, keeping the escape route open for the Vikings inside doing the pillaging. 

The Saxon's launch an attack on the Vikings. Driving them back, killing 2, but loosing one.

 The Viking Warlord and a 4 man unit of Hearthguard come out loaded with Gold and head for the boats.

 A lone unit of Viking Hearthguard holds off the Saxon warriors from chasing after the gold. Even with only 2 of them left, they are a formidable foe and treat the Saxon warriors roughly. Again trading 2 for 1.

 Finally the Saxon Warlord and warriors get around the Abbey and try to cut off the Vikings from escape.

 Last of the viking rearguard is cut down and the Vikings with the gold race for the table edge(Yellow Line).  So I have one unit chasing the Vikings and gold. And 2 units moving to cut them off. Actually I didn't have the dice to move the warriors chasing them. I just used all my dice on my Warlord and warriors moving to cut them off.

It's interesting to note as you lose units, you get less dice and it gets harder to move your troops around. It has a good feel to it as both warbands are getting tired and worn down.

Both Warlords didn't want to commit as neither of us felt we have an advantage. So we both continue to head for the corner. I eventually get them cut off from their board edge. Finally it's getting late so I make my move. Advance my Warlord and warriors and charge. I drove them off from the gold. I forgot Warlords Pride and charged the Hearthguard. So we called it a draw, I was too tired to fix it or continue playing. The Vikings butchered the Priests of the Abbey, and got back to their boats, but did not get the gold. My Saxon Warlord will put that gold to good use. As far as the church knows, the vikings got away.

So this was our second outing with Saga and we are having a good time with it. So far my friend LL has been doing most of the painting and we have a 4 point Saxon and 4 point Viking warband. We hope to add some more soon. I was going to buy an Anglo-Saxon warband at Fall In, but now I think I might get Normans or maybe both. These Anglo-Saxons are hard to play. Seems like the Vikings have such better abilities. Everytime The Viking player discards a die, it feels like he gets 10 extra dice for every combat. I've read that AS plays better at 6 points. We will see. Must do a campaign soon.

Thanks for reading, it was fun playing, hope it was fun reading.


  1. Part of your 'problem' in playing the Anglo-Saxons is that they do not fare as well at 4 points as some other bands (e.g. the Vikings) because so many of their abilities center on units of 10+ figures. It's tough to put together enough big units at 4 points and still have enough Saga dice to do any much. As the game size increases, the Anglo-Saxons enjoy a marked increase in efficiency. They are still not the easiest band to play, but they can be very formidable.

    Another thing you can do is to take part of your WF Saxon Thegns box and give them kite shields or Dane axes, then mix them with your existing warriors to get an Angle-Dane warband.

  2. Nice battle report and great pics...they are a big plus! Vikings are tough...that's why I play them. But I haven't run up against a properly led cavalry warband yet.

  3. Nice battle report. Thanks. The Saxons are not a popular faction and as stated are hard to play at low points. Try using the models with the Dane battleboard. Its a fun faction.