Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Painting Dwarven Forge

I just got my Dwarven Forge Kickstarter package. My first Kickstarter and I think a really good one. I wish I had jumped on the 1st Reaper Bones Kickstarter as well.

But anyway I'm very excited to get this project off the ground. Of course it's not like I don't already have some pokers in the fire. What with running 2 LOTR games at Fall In and no terrain finished. Here are some pics of the DW pieces as I ripped open the first box.

D&D mini's added for effect! 

 Bonus points for Id'ing the set of teeth in the last pic!

Also here is a chart that Dwarven Forge did for testing which paints work best with the game tiles. Read the whole article at their site:

More pics when I get time to paint. Ciao for now, Xin

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