Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Making Terrain for Fall In part 3

Next up, finishing the "islet" where Theodred dies as told in Unfinished Tales.

First is a rough cut of just insulation foam. Now for the messy part. I use a knife to trim an edge, then use a Surform tool to sculpt the island to shape. Very useful but mess tool.

Sculpted insulation. I put on a light Spackle to smooth out gouges from sure form tool. Then glued on rock formations from Woodland Scenics plaster molds.

I paint on my base ground color, Americana Dark Chocolate. I also glue on loose gravel and sand of varying sizes for ground texture. After all that dries, I go back and drybrush using the same color, but mixed with White. I use the same technique on all my figure bases. It's not the best looking base, but it adds continuity to the terrain and figures.

The rock out croppings are painted with 3 different grey's from Americana. From dark to light, Graphite, Zinc, Slate Grey. Again standard rock technique for continuity across terrain and figure bases. Glue down some light green flock and we are good to go.

One of the Rohirrim keeps a watchful eye on the Fords of Isen.


In the home stretch, just a few more figures to paint, and one or 2 terrain pieces to finish off and it's off to Fall In.


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