Saturday, November 9, 2013

Making Terrain for Fall In, Part 1

The wargame convention Fall In is approaching and I am running 2 games at this con. And running out of time.

The first is The Battle for the Fords of Isen. This is a LOTR battle using Games Workshop Strategy Battle Game rules. For what I have in mind I have to paint/ build a lot of things to flesh out my 2 battles. Buildings/terrain/ terrain accessories/ figures/ etc. I am literally working on about 10 things at once. I do one part on say a building and while the glue is drying, I am painting something else, then, making some terrain. I've done more painting/building in the last month than I have all year.

First up, building the first battle table top.

 The basic terrain will be foam insulation covered by felt battle cloth.  I layout random chunks of foam I have from other projects. I draw out a rough course for the river.

With a large knife I hack out the basic shape and an island for the middle of the ford. Will Théodred fall here like he does in the story? Or will Rohan win the day?

I further refine the river edge and carve a sloping bank into the edge. After layout the pieces I tape them together and use them as large stencils to mark out the patter to cut the blue felt that will be the river.

I trim the blue felt to the pattern. Lay down the my battle mat, press the felt into the banks. The river felt fits nicely into the recess formed by the battle mat over the foam insulation. This gives me a more realistic sunken river than just laying the felt along top.

This is just one of the many many projects going on for my 2 battles. I will update with more WIP posts.


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