Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Terrain for Fall In part 4

Getting tired of my posts yet? Almost done. I finished the Rohan House I started 2 weeks ago. After the initial construction, the steps aren't hard or long, just waiting long periods between steps as paint or glue dries takes up a lot of time.

 Test fit Pillars for the front overhang

All the parts are done, lets paint this bad boy. First is black. Then I start a 3 layer dry brush. Americana craft paints, dark to light Graphite, Zinc, Slate Grey.

House and base painted. Fitting the "thatch" roof. Those poor Teddy Bears. The wood is Americana Asphaltum, then dry brushed with Asphaltum and Slate Grey. Trying to get a weathered wood effect. It doesn't show well in the photo's but it's there. I think for photos you really need to exaggerate paint effects.

Will need to trim some of that thatch

I got the teddy bear fur all glued down with watered down white glue. Now to test some colors for the thatch. Thatch is Americana Antique Gold with a little black to darken it. I made a big batch in a container. 

After it dried I went back and did a drybrush of Antique Gold and white. Here it is complete!

Guards of the Fountain Court, what are you doing in Rohan?

Ah that's better, Gamling and some Rohan Royal Guard. The thatch came out very yellow in this pic. It's more faded than it appears.

 Much better coloring

Ok, now I just finish up some odds and ends and Fall In here we come!


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