Sunday, November 10, 2013

Making terrain for Fall In, part 2.

Next piece of terrain under construction is a Rohan House. The 2nd battle I'm doing is an Uruk-hai attack on a Rohan village. I wanted a Rohan style building. I managed to dig up on the web an old pdf file with a plan for a Rohan house, at GW put out years ago.  

 I printed the plan out onto cardstock. Using that as a stencil I marked out a pattern on Basswood.

 Trimmed it with a scroll saw. Then I sanded down the rough edges. Getting better at using the scroll saw, need to work on smooth cuts.

I wanted the building to sit on a stone foundation so again foam insulation to the rescue. I just free handed a stone pattern with a ballpoint pen. This was surprisingly easy once I started.

Once all the pieces were cut, and base was done, just add glue.

 Roof drying

 Decorative parts added.

Now all together. Well still need to do the columns and teddy bear fur roof and paint it and steps and.....AAAAAGGHH. But I'm getting there.


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