Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Building Aspern-Essling Battlefield, Part 3

Just a quick update as we work feverishly to get the table done. Right to the pics.

We forgot to put in a small dike between Asper and Essling.

 Cleaned up the board. A lot of edge work. Along the roads, rivers and towns. It looks better but really doesn't look like I did much, yet this consumed several hours of work. Also repainted town foot print. Didn't like the previous color.

 Just another angle.

 On one corner of the board we have a small chunk of Vienna that is mostly off map. I drew outer fortifications on Overhead projector sheets.

Surrounding Vienna is the Linienwall. The Linienwall was an outer line of fortifications for the city of Vienna, Austria, which lay between the city's suburbs and outlying villages. The construction of the Linienwall was begun by order of Emperor Leopold I in 1704 to protect against attacks by the Turks and the Kuruc (a group of anti-Habsburg rebels). Constructed in 1704, it was razed in 1894 to make way for the Vienna Beltway.

 I then place the sheets on to our foam insulation. Using a needle, I punch thru the sheets making small holes in the foam. Then I can use a sharpie to draw out the wall.

 I cut out around the wall and test the fit.

 Testing fit and look.

 Using my Proxxon foam cutter that can make angled cuts, I slowly cut the wall.

 One section done.

We glued plaster walls to the slopes of the Linienwall. Originally the wall was an earthwork, but was latter faced with bricks.

We should be putting on flock today, and casting more buildings and, and, and....lots to do

More to come, Xin

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