Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Building Aspern-Essling Battlefield, Part 6

I'm sitting in the lobby of our Hotel at Historicon. Monday and Tuesday were too busy to put up the last post.

We had planned out to pour the river on Saturday as the last thing we would do that night. The river would then have Saturday night and most of Sunday day to dry as I was working. Then Sunday night we would be back at it, but I fucked up.

I did not mix the 2 part resin enough. The effect was the river which should be hard, was soft and tacky. Not at all playable. It was a disaster. After reaching out online to the Hirst Arts facebook, the advice I got was another pour on top of the first pour.

So Sunday night we did another pour. I mixed the Envirotex Lite like crazy. We had used most of it on the first build so this was a very shallow pour. If we were an airplane we would have landed on fumes. We lost a lot of time on Sunday fixing the mistake.

Monday morning I picked up the trailer to haul both Aspern-Essling and Frostgrave boards.
Once back home it was work on the board the rest of the day. From 12 noon to 12 midnight. Bob and Lou were basing troops and painted buildings. Alan and I were putting the finishing touches on the board.

Tuesday was loading early and we were off. The loading was a story unto itself, lets just say it was difficult getting the 4x6 boards in the 5x8 trailer, and in such a way, nothing would fall on it and it would not shift around.

Anyway we are here, so lets look at some pics. These are just random shots as we worked thru the day.


Packed up and ready to go.

See you at Historicon



  1. Great work -- even more so for having had to overcome your accidental stumble with regard to the Envirotex Lite. Wish I was headed to Historicon to see this latest terrain masterpiece of yours in person! You don't need it but I wish you and your colleagues lots of success with all the games you are generously bringing to run for the rest of us!

  2. Xin,

    We must have met at Historicon because I have a scrap of paper here on which you wrote down the URL for your blog. Glad I stumbled across it because your blog is great! Can't remember if we played in a game together (I played in a Tekumel naval game and a Conan city adventure game). Are you local to the Washington, D.C. area? If so, let me know...I'm looking for folks to casually game with, and it looks like we have some common interests. My blog is SCRUM IN MINIATURE, here:

    Take care!