Sunday, July 9, 2017

Building Aspern-Essling Battlefield, Part 5

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Which is good cause we are running out of track. We leave Tuesday for Historicon. We like to go a day early and hit battlefields or points of interest, on the way down from New Jersey. I have a few odds and ends to get ready for my Frostgrave board and just finish off the Aspern-Essling board. Easy peasy, right?

On to the update.

Flocking the islands and rough area's

Lots of glue and forest floor flock.

More of same.

Outer wall of Vienna. This came out way better than I hoped. Just made it up on the fly as I kept trying one thing or another that I hated till I came up with this.

Alan is laying down hedgerows that I made.

Starting to come together.

Getting the table cleaned up for the river pour.

Different angle.

We make dam's for the river using foam and packing tape. Then we pin them in place.

We seal the gaps with a 5 minute epoxy, that drys clear.

We level the boards before the pour.

 Using Dwarven Forge tiles for levelers.

Here is the entire piece just after the pour. We are using Envirotex Lite. It's a 2 part epoxy resin. it drys water clear in about 8 hours.

 The other side.

Here's a high shot from the basement steps. Now we just have to not touch the table for the next 8 hours. We timed it so the pour was the last thing we did Saturday night. That way we aren't losing time waiting for it to dry. It drys overnight. Full cure in 48 hours.

Here's over 1000 figures Lou painted in that last 4 weeks or so. These still need to be based. Bob, did almost a 1000 as well. While Alan and I worked on the table. It truly was a collaborative effort from all 4 of us.

We are finishing up tonight and Monday. Things left to do.
-Paint 200+ buildings
-Finishing touches on fields.
-Finish Vienna
-Once buildings done, put together the the villages.
-Build and paint pontoon bridges. Intact and destroyed versions.
-Base a 1000 figures.
-And a bunch of stuff I can't remember.

If you make it to Historicon, stop by and say hi.


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