Thursday, July 6, 2017

Building Aspern-Essling Battlefield, Part 4

We got a lot of work done yesterday. On top of dealing with emergency Dental work for my wife. Bob and Lou are painting almost 1800 figures, while Alan and I continue to work on the table.

 The fields starting to take shape

 Working on a small part of Vienna. Played no part in the battle, but fun to model.

 Bob came over to help with the buildings.

 Another angle of the fields getting flocked.

 Our enormous ball of yarn. We use it to make hedgerows.

Yarm spread with glue.

 The sticky yarm dropped in flock.

Completed hedgerows. These will be augmented with larger brush and small trees, when put on the table. Very mind numbing work.

We are pushing hard because we need to do the River pour by Saturday, to give it time to cure.

This is the time I start to wonder why we do this. We are deep in the middle of the build. Once we get closer to the end it will be worth it.


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