Monday, February 22, 2016

Statues for Frostgrave

I recently made some statues for Frostgrave. From a flea market, I picked up 6 High Elves from the Combat Hex game. They are larger than 28mm figures so are good to be large statues.

With wire cutters the hex base comes apart very easy.

The spear on the figure is very flimsy and bendy. Actually it's glued in and with pliers I just ripped out the spear. I had left over spears from GW Skeletons that are large and fit nicely with the figure.

 Mounted to 7/8 inch fender washers.

 The pedestal is from Hunger Games Wizkids Collectable figures. The base is what the kids stand on when the game starts. I bought a bunch when the first movie came out, thinking the figures would be good for Zombie games, but really they are too big. Here's the funny thing, I tried to sell these off at the last Historicon Flea Market. The Hunger Game figs pop right off.

 The pedestal is glued to a few MDF round bases, to give it a little more height.

 Scale shot, next to a Frostgrave soldier.

 I wanted to figures to be able to animate, but not just fall of the pedestal. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole and inserted a rare earth magnet.

 A drop of glue, push it down flush with the base and we are good to go.

 Now the figure is fairly secure on the base

 It also can jump down and kill unsuspecting explorers in Frostgrave.

 All painted up.

 Fireforge and Frostgrave figures for scale

 It animates!

Ready to kill intruders in Frostgrave.

Every once in a while I try to clear my basement of junk. Those pedestals were in the clear pile, but they did not sell. The spears where left over from plastic sprues. Sometimes it's like magic, the pieces come together almost on their own. This is why I need a bigger basement. Sadly the wife doesn't understand...



  1. Hi,

    Will you be bringing any more of the hex-game figures to Historicon (or Cold Wars, etc.)? I would have picked these up if I had seen them! (Of course, then you wouldn't have had them for statues...)

    Best regards,


  2. These are fantastic! I really like that they come off the pedestal once animated. I may have to steal this idea!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Chris, I don't have any more, but I but you can get some at Cold Wars. Ah I just remembered, I bought them in the dealer hall. I don't remember from who, but he sells singles of Mageknight, Star Wars, and other collectible miniature games. I'd think he will be there.

  4. Those look great! It's always nice when one's junk pile provides just the stuff you need.

  5. I think I'm going to have to steal that idea. Too good!