Thursday, February 25, 2016

Building a Frostgrave Table for Cold Wars, Part 1

I'm running another Large Frostgrave game at Cold Wars. I will use a lot of the pieces I did last time, but I am adding 2 feet to the table length and building some new stuff. I'm also painting up some new Warbands. I only have about 20 days to finish, so once again this will be done in a rush and most likely paint will be drying on the drive to Lancaster. So here we go.

 I'm using 2 board sections from last time, but need to make 2 more. Each section is 2x4 feet. I will roll/grind a tin foil ball all over the boards to give it texture.

Base of white down, takes 2 coats.

Paint the edge to match the other boards.

Dapple blue paint onto the boards. Again roll/grind the boards with the tin foil ball, as paint fills in the texture. Makes a slight cracked effect.

Making some big pieces to give it 3 dimensions. I will also make some structures with playable interiors.

That's it, off to a slow start, but it will ramp up quick as time ticks away.



  1. I'd like to play, but I may not be able to, depending on when it's scheduled for (I'm working at the Registration desk). In any case, I'd like to acquaint myself with the rules. Has anyone done a good Cheat Sheet or discussion of the rules I could look at?


    Chris Johnson

  2. Chris, my game is not till 7pm. Swing by and see if there's an open spot. Not everyone shows up. If not just hang out and watch, the game is easy to pick up. I'll answer any questions you got.

  3. Cracking. That's an ambitious project. I put my scenery on a 4x8 and it looked pathetic. You need a lot of stuff.