Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Building a Frostgrave Table for Cold Wars, Part 2

Today is March 1st and we leave for Cold Wars in 16 days. Continuing on from part 1, we have more progress, so lets dive right in.

This is the Numinous Occulum from Games Workshop

I purchased this piece a few months ago, when Age of Sigmar was released. Not a fan of the game, but the terrain is cool. I never got around to building it, and stumbled across it a few days ago.

First I take some cheap foamboard from the dollar store and peel off the paper. This is great for scratch building as it's thin sheets of foam

The Foamboard gets glued down to a piece of MDF board.

Once the glue sets, I use a ball point pen to carve in stone floors and cracks

Now I start to glue in the pieces. The kit doesn't give you enough to make a 4 walled ruin so I picked up some extra pieces on ebay. This will be my Astrologarium when complete. While this is drying I turn to some of the larger terrain features.

 This the hill for the Astrologarium.

 Bridge and path up the hill roughed out.

 2nd bridge to the hill for the Wizards Tower

Here is the Wizards tower. Built by my good friend Lou. It's primed black, so hard to see details.

The other end of the table will have a raised section like my first Frostgrave Board from Fall In. Liquid Nails glue needs time to set.

Another shot of the Wizards Tower.

The center of the board will have a castle on a plateau. 3 bridges and a ramp will give access to this castle. My ideas are getting bigger than the board, running out of room for mundane structures. Again huge help from my friend Lou.

Here's a close up on making rock face walls. I just hack at it with a razor knife, making dents, cuts, gouges and cuts. If' it's multiple sheets glued together I use light weight spackle to hide the seam.

Lots of progress made last night, so I am in pretty good shape. Of course I still also have to paint 2 new Warbands, Skaven and Cultists. As well as some Wandering Monsters. but I am in good shape to get this done.