Sunday, March 1, 2015

RPG Digital Management Tools

As I've started to write out my D&D campaign, I've decided to go digital. I have been looking at several Campaign management software solutions and so far have not found what I want. At a minimum I'm looking for online access so as I get some free time on the go or at work I can putter around with the campaign. I'd also like a wiki like database with links between items/spells/NPCS/Locations.

This is a list of options so I can cross them off as I go through them.

Realm Works by Lone Wolf Development.
     - Installed Software
     - Online version is subscription based

City of Brass is the new kid on the block, so new that it is still in development.
     -Subscription model is the deal breaker

Evernote is a digital life management tool that some have used for campaign management
     - Not the organizational level of control I want
    + Online tools for all platforms

OneNote is a Microsoft tool for managing information and Office documents
     + Online tools for all platforms
     - Not the organizational level of control I want

Obsidian Portal is an online management tool.
    + Online tools for all platforms
    - Missing GM only NPC section
    - Missing GM adventure section

Some others I know of but not a lot about:
MasterPlan - Installed Software
MyDnDgame - Online!
EpicWords - Online Campaign Manager

Those are what I've found so far. Did I miss any?

Cheers, Xin

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  1. I'm probably far too late, but have you tried starting up a site? For the last two campaigns (Pathfinder and D&D5) I have played in, the wikia has proven extremely handy for staying up-to-date etc.