Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter

A few weeks ago I received my Bones from Reapers 2nd Kickstarter. I'm glad I backed this package as there are a lot of figures at a great price. I took some pics as I opened things up, so here you go.

Awesome thing to come home to, miniatures sitting on my front step

Everything taken out of the box.

Dragons Don't share box. Nice artwork.

Core Set

Expansion Set 2. I wish I got Set 1 as well.

Water Elemental pack.

Dragons don't Share tower. I got 2 extra tower sections for more ruins to go on the table.

Looking forward to painting him

Sorting thru all the figs

Crazy amount of figures

 Toad Demon next to Gripping Beast Dark Age figures. I really like this guy. He gets painted soon.

Well not an in depth look but a quick glance. I have already started buying figures off ebay from the expansions I didn't get. And some figures I want multiples of. Painting figures coming soon.


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