Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter 3, City System

DF has launched an ambitious Kickstarter to expand their game tile system. This one is a modular City building system. With this 3d terrain system, you can now fight above, on or below the streets of your fantasy cities. It was fully funded in the first 20 minutes, and hit a million dollars in the first week.

Here's the intro Video

But that is not all. They have add on Street, door, roof and Sewer packs, that will allow an almost infinite configurations on the table top.

This one is more complicated than their first two KS campaigns but it is not easy building cities. What they have shown us so far is amazing with more freebies and add-ons to unlock as we go along.

Here some images of the prototype setups they have

If you want the best playable and modular terrain that you can buy, this is it. Join this Kickstarter as once this goes retail, the deals won't be nearly as good.


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