Monday, November 3, 2014

Building Marengo, Part 5

Are you sick of these updates yet? I am. This is the last week. We leave on Thursday for Fall In, and this is the last update before we head out.

 Grassing up the boys. My method is once the troops are on the metal base stands, paint the bases green. With the paint still wet, drown them in the flock tub. The paint grabs the flock really well. I let them sit in there for 20 minutes or so. Then shake off the excess and we are good to go.

 This is a picture of the first pour of Realistic Water. One all the pours are done, we will dress up this board with more flocking/ vegetation/ etc.

 It's milky when you first pour it. It takes 24 hours to cure. But being I do this in my basement, I gave it 48hours. Once cured it clears up.

 Putting in poles for the vineyard. Using pins with a dab of glue. Not sure if the glue does anything and most of it rubs off when you stick in the pins.

 Low angle shot

Here is a small finished vineyard.

A big Vineyard on the hill.

 Here's the river dry and clear. I will do at least 2 more pours to build up the depth of the river.

 More vineyards.

 More pins. My thumb is really getting sore.

 Making the actual vines. It's Woodland Scenics Poly Fiber. We stretch it thin like making yarn. Then spray it with Hairspray and quickly dip it in flock. Then the long strands of vines just hook over the pin heads.

 3rd pour. Getting nice and deep now.

Poured the little streams as well. I got cocky here and didn't dam the edges well. The Realistic Water seeped all over my table. Turned on the dehumidifier and went to bed.

The only thing left is finish basing the troops a few vineyards and dress up the end board around the river. Easy Peasy.

Our event listing is:
F391 Marengo
Fri 6:00:00 PM, 4 hrs, 8 players

If you want to play but didn't register, stop by the table during the game and check to see if we are running it again(unscheduled) Saturday night.

See you at Fall In!

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