Thursday, October 30, 2014

Building Marengo Battlefield, Part 4

All the pieces really starting to come together now. When you have vacation to burn or lose, it really helps the production.

I'm making a bridge that goes over the Bormida River.

There are a couple of streams with roads that cross them. One of the accounts I read talks about storming across a wooden bridge so these will be simple wooden bridges.

Test fit on the river. I will need to carve out some foam to make it fit.

Building a dam, for the Realistic Water pour. I got 5 minute epoxy. Sets in 5 minutes, but takes 24 hours to cure. Not sure what the epoxy and the realistic water will due to each other, so playing it safe and waiting the 24 hours.

Some of the accounts we read talked about walled farms or villages. I had some Time Cast walls that we used to make this village, it's late, can't remember which. We did it more for looks than anything else.

This is the shot of the vineyards. I had initial thought I'd just go brown paint but it looked like crap on our test piece. So I added this sandy dirt color mainly for the texture. Not super happy about the color, but all the other colors I had were already on the table as fields.

My friend dropped the buildings on the table just to get a feel for how they would look. He scratch built these. That's Marengo in the middle.

Not only is my friend a great scratch builder and sculpter. He is an amazing painter. He is doing all the French. I just started grassing the bases.

Tomorrow I will start the vineyards and pour the river, Xin out.


  1. amazing terrain !!
    I wish you a great game on it !

  2. Glad to see your progresses...once again, great loking terrain, more and more realistic!

  3. Outstanding work! Looks really good. Have you heard of the Tippi foam cutter? You can buy wire for it and bend it to custom shaped that you can use to carve out things like streams and such. It might be easier (and less messy) that your Dremel method.
    For additional field colors, I've also had luck mixing what I had -- so take half yellow and half green and mix them together. It gives you a new color but keeps you in the same palette. Just an idea.

  4. Thanks for the comments. That is a good idea on the flock. Consider the idea stolen.