Monday, October 27, 2014

Building Marengo Battlefield, Part 3

Here's a quick update on where we stand with the Battlefield that we are getting ready for Fall In.

It's most just flocking fields right now. We want to get all the fields done before we tackle the river pour and the vineyards. Saving the hardest for last. Unfortunately drying time for the fields in a basement is never very quick. Got the Dehumidifiern working overtime. 

While waiting for fields to dry. We started doing hedge rows between fields.

Slow progress, but progress

Uncultivated land around the river. From the looks of some of the maps of Marengo, this is pretty soggy ground.

Lots of hedges

Almost done

 I think in this shot, there is only 2 fields left to flock.

Painting the river, a muddy brown, green mix. Trying for that deeper in the center look. I have some bridges that I'm working on that I forgot to take pics of. There's one big bridge over the river, and some smaller bridges over the streams. Also a pontoon bridge.

That's it for now. I hope to pour water tonight or the next. We have just over a week left.



  1. Patchwork of different colored fields really hits the visual mark. Looking great!

  2. That's very, very impressive...great job!