Friday, January 31, 2014

Mirkwood Rangers

I just finished up the Mirkwood Rangers. I really like these models. GW has set the bar high for plastic kits with this release. They are highly detailed, each with a different pose. All very animated and dynamic. I know some have said they are more 40k like than LOTR like, but I think they are fantastic. They capture the "feel" of the movie Desolation of Smaug, and how they are portrayed.

All that aside, here they are.

Now that I've got a playable Mirkwood Force done, I need an enmey. I don't have any Orcs!

From the ROTK box set, I have 24 unpainted Orcs. They are in the process of being based and primed. I'm a nut about the bases. I weight each one with Lead fishing weights and then cover the top with Medium Gel. I then add small rocks to some of the bases. For the elves I added a few logs. Once all that is done, I prime and start painting.

So 24 Orcs are on the painting table, it never stops...

Cheers,  Xin

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  1. Not a bad job. Perhaps the skin tones are a little dark? But other than that, great.