Monday, January 27, 2014

Hobbit Comparison Photo Shoot

I was reading one of my favorite LOTR gaming sites, The One Ring and someone asked about alternate Hobbits that were cheaper than GW's.

I commented at the time that I had some old Grenadier Halflings, but thought that they were too big to mix with GW's halflings. Someone else commented that they were bigger but did mix ok once on the table.

So I decided to dig them out and have a little photo shoot.  I also included Reaper Bones figures, DandD pre-painted for comparison.

Note: Grenadier is I think now available from Mirlton

 Grenadier, Pippin, Grenadier, GW Hobbit, Frodo

Reaper Halfling, Pippin, Reaper Gnome Wizard, Bilbo, Frodo

All together now, everybody smile! Oops the blue guys is a D&D pre-painted plastic. By far the smallest of the lot.

Reaper bones a little tall, but not bad. And how can you hate $2 a fig.

Pippin, Reaper, Grenadier, Reaper

 I was having fun so I had to dig them all out. 28 Grenadier Hobbits and Frodo and Pippin

These Figures are 20 years old at least. I used them in 4th ed Warhammer. Halflings cost like 3 or 4 points with a BS of 4 and they SKIRMISHED. I showered my opponents with arrows. 

Slingers, Archers and Handweapons mixed. Perfect of a good Scouring

Know I'm getting lots of bad ideas. I sense my current painting queue is about to be disrupted.

So back to the original topic. I do think they can mix well with GW's Hobbits. Yes they are a little meatier then GW's but I think most hobbits tend towards the meaty side of the scale. Even the Reaper will mix in there not too badly. I will have to check out their Halflings and Gnomes.

 I forgot I had so many Grenadier Halflings. I am much closer to a Shire Army than I thought. Now I have to scrounge up some Ruffians and I will be Scouring the Shire in no time.



  1. Great Halfling stuff you have going on. I started my scouring of the shire right after Xmas and have lots more painting to do. Am hoping to start my hobbit hills by spring break. I bookmarked your website and will check back for inspiration! Good luck and go Hobbits!

  2. Thanks for the comparison shots !
    You've forgotten the MITHRIL range, but I don't think that they can enter in the category "cheap Hobbits" !!
    (even if it's always possible to find some on ebay for a good price )
    Like I have all the collection of MITHRIL Hobbits + some GW, I can say that the M ones are smaller than the GW.
    I don't remember but I think that I've done a comparison shot on my blog.

    .... and your painted minis are amazing ! I like also the last picture !
    "Scouring of the Shire" !!

  3. Thanks for comments. I just showed what I had lying around. I know there are other companies out there. I just don't have any of their figures.

  4. We can't have all the figures !!
    it's always interesting to do comparison pictures for those who follow our blogs.
    And I can do myself the comparison between Mithril and GW !
    I think that I will do some shots and post them on my blog (I've done some for the dwarves )

  5. Sam Wise said "We can't have all the figures!!"

    But we can damn well try!

  6. "one ring to rule them all
    one ring to find them
    one ring to bring them all
    and in the colourness bind them and in the land of Bloggor where the Shadow shins !"