Monday, February 11, 2019

Old World Army Challenge 2

The Old World Army Challenge is back for a 2nd year. The premise remains the same, paint a 1000 point army in 6 months, 200 points a month. You can take one month off.

There are 39 challengers this year.

The first time I did Chaos. My point total in 4th Edition rules is 1375pts. I really need to get a better picture of them.

For OWAC2, I'm doing Dark Elves. Last summer I picked up an unpainted DE army pretty cheap. There is at least 2000 points of unpainted DE. but I'll paint about 1200-1300 points for this challenge.

Here we go. 2 War machines, 4 infantry units, 2 mounted, and 3 characters.

Weighted Bases, I do that for all my figures.

 Glued on metal base stands. Storage and movement tray will have magnetic sheets.

 Magnets on the bottom of base for Cauldron of Blood

 The Witch Elves handlers for the the Cauldron will stay on the base.

Cauldron of Blood

 Repeating Bolt Thrower

 Cauldron of Blood

The Black Guard

 Cauldron Again


Repeating Crossbows

 Dark Riders and Cold One Knights


Witch Elves

I'm late with this post. The first month January is already done and can be seen on the OWAC website.

I'll post up my January submission in a day or so.

Cheers Xin

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