Thursday, October 29, 2015

Frostgrave Table for Fall In

I started work on my Frostgrave table a few weeks ago, but since I am also doing a table for The Battle of Rivoli, as well, I got behind in my blogging.

So here are some shots of the work as I go along. Some of the terrain I already have and some I am building.

I also have some shots of the warbands I have been working on. Frankly I'm starting to think building 2 tables and painting the 8 warbands was a little too much. It will get done, but I will be exhausted going into the convention and my wife started in an annoyed state that will be moving to pissed off.

The table will be 4x6 feet. I have 3 sections of 2'x4' pink insulation foam.

I wanted to give the ground some texture. I wanted to break up what I call the golf course like battle table. This is a piece of coral that was in my garden. I roll it around pressing down into the foam.

The irregular patter of the coral makes great indentations in the foam. I use a glove as it will dig into my hand as well.

It's hard to see the texture in a photo. I think this shot does a decent job of showing the texture.

Now this was attempt number 1 of painting the board. Looked like crap, then I tried dry brushing white on top, but it was still too blotchy. I'm on attempt number 3 of the board, but forgot to take a picture.

Here is a building I'm putting together. The front piece is a GW terrain set from there new Age of Sigmar line. I've added other elements to flesh out a more complete ruins, like the Reaper arch in the back of the building. Balsa wood timbers and Pegasus Hobbies bricks.

This is a Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Building set. I used foam core to make a floor and added rubble along the edges. I need to add more.

This is my Trollkin warband, Lead by a Witch, this a tribe of Trollkins(troll/human mixed race) from my D&D world. I took inspiration for the matriarchal warband from The 13th Warrior. Witch on the left, Apprentice on the right.

Here are the Trollkin Warriors. For Frostgrave we have a Man-at-Arms, 2 Thugs and a Treasure Hunter(left to right). 3rd from the left was an archer, but I need another Thug, so I cut off the bow and added a sword from my bits box.

2 Trollkin Archers

And here's the Witch with her "Animal Companion". I figured a large full blooded troll would be thematic, but on the table it will just be a Bear.

Here's the whole gang together.

That's all for now. I hope to have more pics up Friday or Saturday.



Wally Harwood said...

Who makes the miniatures?

Xin said...


The Trollkin are Heroscape Gruts. And the Witch and Apprentice are D&D Plastics, Hags.


Little Odo said...

That warband works really well together. Great work.

Andy said...

These look absolutely great. What's the name and maker of the troll miniature? Thanks!

Xin said...

Andy thanks, That is a Dreamblade miniature