Monday, March 31, 2014

Painting Dwarven Forge Dungeon Tiles

So here's some quick and easy steps to paint my Dungeon Tiles. My steps are basically taken from watching Stefan's video's. As are my color choices. Since I already have loads of paints, I didn't buy his paints, I wanted more tiles with my KS money! But this would work with any paints.

No paint on tile.  Note the shiny surface. This needs to be covered up or it can be seen in the final product. Also the paint tends to bead off this surface, So you need a thick paint.

I use this black as a primer. It covers the shiny areas well.

 Base coat done. Black

Next up is my Base Grey.

This is a heavy dry brush on covering most of the tile. But leaving the nooks and cranny's black.

  Next I pick some highlight stones, Just like Stefan does. It's a earthy grey/brown

 I paint 4 or 5 stones per piece.

Now a dry brush across the whole thing

 Dry Brush done. Not to heavy. But you want to get paint on every stone, to highlight the raised portions.

 The last step is a edge highlight.

I just use a very light dry brush to pick out the edges of each piece. I mean very light. Brush completely dry with hardly any paint on it at all. And that's it. Easy as pie.


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