Saturday, March 1, 2014

Building my Asteroid Base, Part III

Another day gone and not as far as along as I had hoped. On the plus side I am making progress.

While at work today it occurred to me I am a better improvisor than planer. I have been wasting time, thinking about how I'm gonna to this or that and nothing gets done. But if I just start trying to do something like, install the LED Lighting, I get something done. Sure I might have to take a step back here and there and start again. But again, the project is moving forward.

Ok on to the updates. Last night I got most of the Crater Floor texturized (spell check doesn't seem to think that is a word, what do they know, pfft). What I have been doing is taking a piece of Coral that I found in the garden(from the previous home owners I assume.) anyway, taking this round-ish piece of coral and rolling it around the insulation foam and pressing down. It dents/ cuts/ scores / and scuffs up the foam in a very non-regular pattern. That is the key, random pattern. Nature doesn't do regular patterns and the human eye looks for that.

Here is my coral, oh and USE a glove. It can be a little hard on the hand.

Here is a piece of foam that has been texturized. It can be hard to see all the damage done to the foam in a photo.

Here is the same piece next to another piece that has not been texturized. If I keep using that word will it make it into the dictionary?

This is a test piece of foam that I was using to see how it would look. Again hard to see all the dings and dents. It will look better in person.

I also got more work done on the crater walls. I'm using a light weight spackle to cover up and or fill in the seams and joints of the foam. Unfortunately it takes a long time to dry. So I do it last before going to bed. I will go back over it with some steel wool or sand paper to scrap off the big blobs that can be left behind.

Just another shot. I have 2 more seams to cover up. I supposed if I had spent more time when cutting the foam I might have less seams to cover up. Actually it goes fast, it's just waiting for it to dry is the problem.

That's all for now, Ciao, Xin

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