Monday, February 24, 2014

Too many pokers in the fire?

Or perhaps I should title this, instead of WIP, it should be "Too Many Works in Progress" or TMWIP?

I swear, I have Wargamer's ADHD. I have the hardest time staying on one project. I want to paint and play with everything.

 Little over a year ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would get all my LOTR stuff painted, as I was excited about the Hobbit coming out.

Since then I have painted a lot, I really have. However, forces beyond my control has forced me to purchase even more figures. I was trying to organize my random assortment of LOTR figures and it has revealed holes in my forces. Then I started running SBG games at conventions, so I needed more troops. Then to top it all off, GW is letting some of their line go OOP. So that has induced some panic buying. Ebay is an enabler.

It does not stop with LOTR. I game just about everything. So I've squeezed in some SAGA painting, some Fantasy painting, and lots of terrain making. Here are some shots pics of what I got going on in Studio Xin.

It took me a year to realize I didn't have any orcs, so here are 24 orcs almost done. With another 24 to follow this group, and 22 to farm out to a friend. Can you have too many orcs?

A few weeks ago, I painted up a test figure, a Reaper Bones Werewolf. I wanted to see how well the Bones took paint. So I picked up another, modified the body position a little and started painting. I don't even have an immediate game use. Just like the figure.

If you want me to buy a figure, just tell me it's OOP! I was watching ebay for the figure Gildor Inglorion whic is OOP. On one auction, I almost spent $100 for the box set, Defenders of the Shire, but pulled back at the last minute. Then going thru my stuff, I found a box of "Rangers" I picked up at a HMGS flea market years ago. It was the box set I was looking for and had all the time. So now they are on the painting table.

I am running an X-Wing game at Cold Wars, and like an idiot, I planned this elaborate table top, that needs to be built in 10 days. So I started yesterday.

 The initial cut out is done. Well for the first level, at least 2 more levels.

Gluing everything down. Do you think it would help to drink the Henessy or Irish Cream as opposed to using it to hold down the foam till the glue is set? Hopefully I can get another layer down tonight and start a layer of texture on the base.

You wouldn't leave Isengard without a battering ram would you? A glaring hole in Saruman's army that HAD to be corrected. Almost done with this.

Thanks to my obsession and Ebay, I manged to track down all 9 different metal sculpts of the Ringwraiths. Not that Finecast crap GW is now producing them in. 5 are done, 4 to go. One had a busted sword, which I think helped keep the price down. Easy peasy fix. Bonus points if you can identify the bitz it came from.

Erestor, Glorfindel and Elrond 99% done. The figure up front is being painted up for my kids. She is a character from the video game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Andriel, Elven Loremaster(wizard). A friend of mine, Lou did some minor conversion from the Plastic Wood Elfs. Now I need 2 more, for the other characters, Eradan(Ranger) and Farin(Dwarf).

So 7 active projects, not to mention maybe a bunch of projects on hold, Vikings/ Saxons/ Terrain upgrades and repairs/ Starship Troopers/ Mirkwood Spiders/ Re-painting Haradrim and Warg Riders/ Mumak/ Viking ship/ Jungle Terrain

Do they make a drug for Wargamer ADHD?

That's all for now, Cheers, Xin


  1. I can't wait to see that Xwing board!! The minis? You just need to farm the painting out to a good friend! ;) Orcs look good.

  2. Like you I am starting to panic buy things that are gaps in my LOTR collection for fear of them going OOP...