Friday, March 8, 2013

Cold Wars 2013

Here I am at Cold Wars, HMGS's first convention of the year. We made it out here, despite the all the news channels talking about this huge snow storm that was gonna hit from PA to CT. We saw a few snow flakes when we left NJ, but that's it. They got everyone all worked up over nothing. Well nothing for PA,NJ,NY. I hear VA, DC area got hit pretty bad.

Anyway, made it out here by 4 or so. The drive passed with quickly with much talk of Wargames, past, present, and future. We check in no problem and then wander around looking at some of the pick up games going on. At 6:30 we line up to Register for the convention(idiots we forgot to pre-reg). At 7pm the registration does NOT open, cause they can't connect to the internet. At 7:30 we get registered. I did not get my Saturday Morning Flea Market table, sold out, so I got Saturday afternoon. Good but not great.

After a nice steak at Texas Roadhouse, we head back and get in a game of Merchants and Marauders. A fun game of trading and pirates in the Caribbean. You can choose to trade goods, steal goods or a little of both. I did both. Started life as a trader, made some money then upgraded to a pirate ship. I was in really good position to win, but took a big chance and a Dutch Frigate caught me, boarded me and ended my life.  Pic below is after I had died. The Blue player won, by accumulating the most victory points and gold.

Tomorrow we are signed up to play in a Battlestar Galactica Game. It's late, got to get to bed.


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