Friday, March 1, 2013

Buried Treasure or Toxic Waste

Cold Wars 2013 in Lancaster PA is next week. As is my custom, I am going to get a Flea Market table. I need to sell off all the crap I don't or won't likely use. You know those over ambitious projects that we all fall prey too.

Digging through lead my lined basement, well increasingly plastic lined, I came across a box of figures from my early D&D days. Some of my first miniatures for our roleplaying sessions. It would be years before I discovered tabletop wargaming.

Is it worth it to sell them off?  I know mint condition boxes of Grendier D&D figures are worth some money, but these have rattling around in a tin box for well, dare I say 30 years. I know a lot of you will say Ebay, but I hate ebay and I just take my crap to the flea markets.


  No idea, Gladiators?

 Dark Sun?

 Monster Set 1

Monster Set 2

Monster Set 3


 Skeletons and I think one Zombie

 Women adventurers and oops one Mindflayer

Adventure Set1

Adventurer Set 2

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