Sunday, May 28, 2017

Citadel Paints and dropper bottles.

I use Citadel paints as my main paint source, but I hate the stupid bottles they come in. Recently I've seen a lot of people using GW paints in dropper bottles. They buy empty dropper bottles and pour in the GW paint. So I decided to give this a go.

I bought a bag of 15ml dropper bottles from Amazon. There were 25 to a bag. The bag has a bottle, screw top and a dropper top that gets inserted after filling up with paint. It's a slow process but once done will give you better control of your paints.

Start by cutting off the lid from the paint pot. Pour in the paint. I use a coffee stirrer to scrape as much paint as I can into the new bottle. Some of the paints are exceedingly thick, so I drop in some Citadel Medium to thin it out. Water works too. Makes pouring easier. For the first batch I added in small stones to help mix the paint when shaking it.

Once poured, put in the dropper top and screw on the lid. Done. I go the extra step in peeling off the label and sticking it to the new bottle. I also paint the top of the lids so I can see what the colors are.

Here is the first batch of 25 done. Now that I know what's involved and I love the new bottles. I'll do the rest of the paints.

So I ordered 2 more bags and stainless steel agitator balls. They make them for Nail Polish.

It's a lot of work up front, but I think worth it in the end.

I ordered these off Amazon:
Dropper Bottles

Agitator Balls

Now back to paint pouring..,...Xin

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  1. I really like the labels! I did the same, but the quality of the lids was low and several of them have cracked. I have enough spares to replace the faulty ones, but you may need to be cautious of this in the future.