Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Gnoll Cavalry for Dragon Rampant

Back in December I finished my Frostgrave Gnolls and posted them on Facebook. Someone suggested making Cavalry with them and I thought that was a hell of an idea. So I bought a 2nd box of Gnolls from Brigade Games and I found a Warg Rider box in my unpainted LOTR box(really 2 or 3 boxes but lets not go there). So I was set.

Lead fishing weights glued to bottom of base for stability.

Wargs, sans goblin riders.

Bark chips as rocks. I wanted a rocky wild terrain look.

Gel Medium with sand for texture

I do the bases about 95% of the way first, then start on the Wargs

Wargs Done, expect for tufts and paint touch ups.

I used a painting guide from Scouring of the Shire sourcebook. Easy peasy and looks great.

Picked a few body's that had wide leg stances. Even then I had to use a Dremel on both the Warg and Gnoll.

Painting underway. Using the same colors I used for the other 20 gnoll warriors.

 And done.

So now I have a good start on a Dragon Rampant Army. I will use the rest of the 2nd box to fill out other units. So as always more work to do.

Cheers, Xin

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