Friday, July 17, 2015

Random Pics from Historicon 2015, Thursday

It's Thursday make that Friday morning early AM. We just got back from a late dinner after running our Marengo game. It was a smashing success. All the players were engaged and seemed to be having fun. Unfortunately we ran out of time. The French put on an aggressive defense of Marengo so the Austrians never got past it. There was still lots of fight left in both armies, but just not enough time. The highlight for us was winning an award for game. HMGS award " Pour Encourager les Autres" for well run and well presented games.

Here are a few pictures of games that caught my eye walking around on Thursday. This gallery is by no means exhaustive, as there were lots of great looking games I didn't have time to pull my camera out and snap a picture.

 Scratch Built Castle

Roman's vs Gauls

This was a demo game in the dealer hall. Star Crush.

Architects of War/Alien Dungeon will be releasing a 15/18mm mass Fantasy Battle game. I think it will be a Kickstarter later this year. The figures looked really nice.

Terminator game for sale in the deale hall.

Not sure what this game was, but the table was incredible.

Our Marengo game

Star Trek Attack Wing. Man that Borg ship is big.

Star Wars Armada

Zombie game with a great shantie town. I didn't get good pics here.

Awesome Pulp game. The tables never look as good in pictures as they do in real life.

More Marengo

That's it for now, Xin

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