Thursday, April 23, 2015

2nd game of D&D 5e

After some harrowing fights during the rescue of the local Lords son(Adventure 1), our brave adventurers spent the rest of the winter recuperating. With the snow melting, the town starts springing back to life and the trade caravans start moving again.

One day the Paladin, Stor, is approached by an old man. He is a messenger for Stor's Order. They want him to retrieve an Artifact of the Order. News just came to light of it's possible location, in the ruins of a small church 2 days travel from Harlow. To help out, the Order sent along a fighter(NPC to bolster the party). So the players load up supplies and head out.

The adventurers:
Ai'Terria - Elven Rogue
Stor Brightwood - Human Paladin
Dowvoovoo - Halfling Fighter
Thorndike Ral Tarkin - NPC Fighter

After an uneventful journey the players locate the ruins.

 The players arrive at a clearing with 3 ruined buildings.

They approach the first building, only to find a pack of Kobolds.

 After a brief fight, the Kobolds are killed.

All the buildings are searched. In the last one, they find steps under the Altar. After, Ai'Terria, the elven Rogue scouts out down the stairs the rest of the party goes down into the crypt.

A mostly empty room but with 5 doors.

The first room they party explore is a crypt that has been complete looted. Gnawing on bones, they find 2 Kobolds. The Kobolds attack since there is no where to run and die quickly.

Next they find a small chapel. The large double door seems to be locked and the players choose not to force it open.

As the players investigate the door at the end of the room they hear a fast clicking noise befind the door to their left. Squeezing under the door comes 3 Giant Centipedes. Dowvoovoo, the Hafling goes down in the first attack, and is poisoned. The 3 others turn and fight. After the initial attack, the fight goes against the centipedes and they are chopped up. The Paladin uses a Lay on Hands to heal and stabilize the Hafling. The party takes a rest here to heal up.

After resting the party once again trys the door at the end of the room. They find a dusty stairway leading up. Through another door and they come out on a balcony above a large crypt. Peering into the darkness they see 9 niches and 1 sarcophagus.

The players pause and look for signs of life or in this case unlife....but its quiet, dead quiet.

They carefully climb down to the main floor. Some search the piles of bones in the niches. Stor the Paladin and Dowvoovoo investigate the sarcophagus. Stor pushes the lid off. Inside they find a skeleton with a holy symbol clutched in it's hands. Dowvoovoo grabs the symbol...

From within the niches the players hear the soft creaking and clattering of bones moving. Four Skeletons appear and attack.

This is where the party almost came to blows, during the skeleton attack. Stor and Dowvoovoo kill off 2 skeletons, while Ai'Terria and Thorndike fight the other 2. Stor demands the Holy Symbol from Dowvoovoo, and the halflings hesitates. Thorndike who is only there to get the Holy Symbol abandons Ai'Terria and runs over to the Halfling and also demands the Holy Symbol be handed to Stor. That left the Rogue to fight off the 2 skeletons. Dowvoovoo gives up the Holy Symbol and Ai'Terria finally defeats the 2 skellies.

The players loot the rest of the crypt(of course) and head back to town. They collect a reward for the Holy Symbol. The 2 adventures gives them enough xp to level up to 2nd and we call it a night.

We are really having fun with 5e. It is a easy going system that is quick to pick up. I intend to add some complexity to the combat but other than that, very playable. 



  1. That rocks - really like the crypts.

  2. Gavrillo here,

    1.) ALWAYS bring a cleric with you when you investigate a crypt. Always.

    2.) Great setup, the scenery looks fantastic. Nice job (as usual).

    3.) See rule # 1.

    4.) Sorry I missed the game.

    ~Gavrillo Princip Jr.

  3. Wow.. absolutely awesome work. Superb creation and good appearance