Sunday, January 4, 2015

Painted Reaper Monsters

Here are a few more Reaper figures I banged out over the Holidays. Since we had nothing to do on New Years Day, I manged to get a lot of painting done. These are more monsters intended for D&D this year.

First up, Reaper Bones Scorpins. Mounted on metal fender washers and textured with medium gel.

Some adventurers find out how deadly scorpions can be.

Next up are 2 Stone Golems. One is a Reaper Metal and the other is a Reaper Bones. The Bones line really shines with the larger creatures. Very hard to tell them apart.

 Here we have some very old figures facing off. Except for the golems, they are all old GW figures. Some from the mid-80s.

More figures to come, Xin

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  1. Makes me wish I still had my D&D figures from the late 70s/80s. Great post - enjoyed the pics.