Monday, August 18, 2014

Making LOTR Objective Markers

The other day we had LOTR SBG battle where we had to grab objectives on the battlefield. While setting up, I realized I was woefully short of good themed Objective Markers. After digging through my bits boxes I came across these LOTR Trivial Pursuit game pieces. Just what I needed.

 The best of the lot is Galadriel. She was most statue like and more likely to have a statue than say Frodo. I picked up the game at a garage sale for a $1. I removed the metal figure from the plastice base and went to work building a statue base for her

Gale Force 9 MDF Base, 50 or 60mm, I scored the MDF with a razor blade then widened the score with a file.

2nd Gale Force 9 MDF base. I think 40mm.

I didn't have any thick dowels so I went to the garage and cut the end off a broom I didn't use much.

Checking the look and fit before gluing.

3 layers of grey dry brush.

Hmmm, the camera really washes out the color. I need to work on my lighting.

Slight side angle

Some Dwarves I picked up off eBay, added for scale.

Here's another one that my friend Lou did.

That should get us off to a good start. We could use a couple more. So more digging. The only problem with that is finding "new" shiney things that I forgot about, that I want to paint and play with that pushes other stuff off my table and into the boxes. It's an endless cycle of shiney!



  1. Good idea, though perhaps a slight shame to sacrifice the gaming piece... its the only version of Triv i'll play ;-)
    I love the creeper, it really brings the piece to life.