Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Building Stones River Battlefield, Part 3

We have less than a week till we leave for Historicon and still a ton of work to do. I lost most of the July 4th weekend due to family events so have some ground to make up.

I outlined a rough timeline for each day for the next week, we will just get it done.

So here are pics of work since the last update.

Laying some track

Painting the river bed to get that deep in the middle, shallow on the edge effect.

Close up shot. I'm really making this up as I go along. I've never done this before.

Different angle

It's hard to see the 3 or 4 layers of green to brown I put down in this pic. Also, the lighting adds a bit of blue tint to the picture. It's more green than it looks.

Laying down a gravel track bed. I put down a thick layer of paint and dump the gravel on top.

Then I use this roller thing to smush the gravel into the paint. I'll let this sit overnight and brush off the excess.

Rail bed done.

Painting the stones in Stones River. I need to go back and add more. But that will fall into the "if time permits" category.

We use the markers to layout the roads. Then go back with a Sharpie to draw the roads in.

We use the same technique for the roads as we do the railway. We paint the road, then drop the brown gravel on top of the wet paint. Then we mash it down with the roller. All the roads are done.

Different angle.

Building a trestle for the rail over the river.

Test fit. I might go back and "flesh out" the trestle some. But it works for now.

That's it for now. We will do the fields and woods tonight. Then basically the only thing left is to pour the river.


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