Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Guardians of the Shire

I just finished painting up Guardians of the Shire box set. It's 6 Dunedain and the elf Gildor Inglorion. Funny thing about these figures, I had been searching for them on ebay for awhile(year+). I almost pulled the trigger on a $95 auction but I held off at the last second, thankfully. While going through my unpainted pile, I found a bag of "rangers" that I had picked up at one of the HMGS flea markets. It was all the figures from the box set. And I think I got them for $10.

Anyway, here are the pics

I think they came out "ok". I didn't go crazy with highlighting and shading. Too be honest, since I am actively trying to reduce the backlog of unpainted, I am just trying to get it painted quickly. I have too much to paint, too much to game and not enough time.



  1. Great job, they have come out very well. I'm in same boat as you... a large backlog to get through...

  2. "I have too much to paint, too much to game and not enough time." Oh yes indeed.

    I like these- I'm not usually a fan of flowers on bases, but it really nicely complements his hair!