Sunday, January 20, 2013

My photo set

After being inspired by other painting blogs, I've finally gotten around to making my own "set" or backdrop for my figures to be photographed on. It wasn't too hard. I didn't take pictures as I made it, but here's what I used.

Foam Insulation
Scrap wood (to reinforce the L joint of the foam,)
Resin sand for texture
Green flock
Blue Sky backdrop from a Christmas store.
Liquid Nails glue

Very easy to make, just takes time waiting for all the different steps to dry or set.

Lighting is from cheap Home Depot construction lights that I had anyway. I think I need a third light overhead to get rid of shadows that the other 2 lights create. Also I might add some cut out mountains to the back piece, or some bushes/grass. The horizon needs something beind the trees, but later. Now too finish all those Gondorian troops. Knights are almost done basing.

Cheers, Xin


  1. Thanks for posting this Xin, your setup looks great, and you've got me thinking that I should make something like this for my own photography. Thanks for the inspiration - James

  2. Great job Xin, looks great. Decb

  3. Nice work, I like the look of the lights.

  4. Looks very nice... you could easily put some bushes along the horizon line... that will break it up nicely.

  5. Those are the same lights I use, but I diffuse the light by clipping tissue paper to the lamps.